What's all the fuss?

From our clients

"The members of the Board of Directors of Mariners Way HOA are very pleased with the service of The Beach & Company and staff. The HOA owners have seen much progress in the care of their property. Thank you for your service."

"I have been doing business with The Beach & Company for about six years. I am totally satisfied with the company’s response to problems, and the professionalism in managing North Myrtle Beach Golf and Tennis. I look forward to continuing our working relationship."

"In regards to The Beach & Company website, I find it very helpful and informative about our community. The photos on the website of our community are beautiful and great for viewing if anyone needs to see. Great job!"

"Since the community of North Pointe has contracted with The Beach & Company, we have been very satisfied. They have proven to be reputable, upfront and helpful with any and all of our concerns. The staff members have always been available to correct any issues we might have with home owners and firms with which we do business."

"The Beach & Company keeps me informed and updated on all information regarding my condominium ownership. They have been the best company since my purchase in 2000. They are doing a great job; the company has a great group of people supporting our group."

"Sea Pointe hired The Beach & Company in 2004. …They have always been there for the owners. Speaking with the board of directors, we are very pleased at the level of performance we are receiving and hope our relationship continues for many years to come."